Synopsis of the novel : THE PRIME MINISTER’S DAUGHTER

Joygopal Podder
Synopsis of the novel : THE PRIME MINISTER’S DAUGHTER… 17th book. (Releasing in August 2015…..Fingerprint Publishing / Prakash Books)
Young lawyer Jagat Mehra, working in the Prime Minister’s Office, accepts an invitation from Tanuja Kapur, the PM’s irresistible daughter, for a clandestine date in a Gurgaon restro-bar.
But the two end up witnessing, on the Gurgaon-Faridabad Road, something amazing which they were never meant to see.
And the person who’s grim secret they have come to learn is none other than the all-powerful Joint Secretary in the PMO and Jagat Mehra’s boss, Vijay Bajaj.
Jagat suddenly finds himself under all sorts of severe pressure, and then becomes a suspect in a murder. A murder inside the PMO. In a world where everyone watches your every move, Jagat is suddenly ensnared in someone’s secret agenda. Trusting no one, not even Tanuja, he finds himself fighting for his innocence – and, ultimately, fighting for his life.

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