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Dynasty and Mixed Up Men

“3 MIXED UP MEN” is a light-hearted look at how men bond and how men think, their take on love, and how they behave and misbehave. This is my first romantic fiction and humour novel.

“DYNASTY” is a crime thriller. A hotel tycoon and several members of his family are stalked, attacked and warned, but nobody knows why and by whom. Are complicated family relationships behind this? Or is the mysterious stalker an outcome of business partnerships gone wrong? Or is the truth a bit of both?

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About Joygopal Podder

Johntext Author Joygopal Podder is a famous crime fiction author from India. He was born in London and living in Gurgaon (just outside New Delhi) in India. He wrote his first book 'Deceivers' at age 50 in 2010. Since then, 15 of his books have been published in 57 months, mostly crime fiction but also one romantic comedy and one non-fiction and one teenage detective fiction.
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