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Tension is building up…

Millennium City

Gurgaon, the booming township south of Delhi, is terrorized by a serial killer. The murderer has re-surfaced after nine years. Is this killer of today the same person as the murderer who had terrorized Gurgaon a decade ago? Or is the present killer a ‘copy cat’ murderer?

Two real estate tycoons enter into a bitter rivalry. Murder attempts are made. Are these incidents connected with the serial killer? There are indications that this is so.

The Gurgaon police come under intense media scrutiny. There is a wave of panic in the township. The killings continue. Is there a common thread to the murders?

There are mysterious activities in a farmhouse. Do they pose a danger?

As the events unfold and the police investigations unravel the truth behind the mystery, the past of Gurgaon catches up with the present with shocking revelations and a dangerous secret. A past killing in an ashram may hold the key to all the mysteries……

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