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  • My Wikipedia Bio Page

    A fan has posted on my Wikipedia bio page : Together with Salman Rushdie, Joygopal Podder is one of 100 Indian Authors who are on the Forbes (India) Celebrity 100 Nominees List for 2014…… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joygopal_Podder

  • Author Interview – Joygopal Podder

    Author Interview – Joygopal Podder Many Thanks To Dr. Roopleen For The Permission To Publish Her Article Here! This article was published on:  Dr Roopleen.com Link: http://drroopleen.com/?p=873 Author: Dr Roopleen Joygopal Podder wrote his first novel at the age of 50 and since then, he has not looked back. In an interview with Dr Roopleen, he […]

  • Writing A Record

    Many thanks to fridaygurgaon.com for the permission to publish this article here. This article was published on: http://fridaygurgaon.com/news/904-writing-a-record.html Author: Shirin Mann At one month short of 50 years of age, Joygopal Podder began to write his first novel; at 51 he has 8 published novels with 5 publishers – and is working on his 11th […]

  • Scripting a novel record

    Scripting a novel record This article was published on: Scripting a novel record Novelist Joygopal Podder has one obsession: to see his books in the new arrival display shelves of bookstores. In the past two years, his novels have always found place in that coveted display space. And how does he manage that? By publishing […]


    PENNING DOWN ANOTHER RECORD   This article was published on: http://cityplus.jagran.com/city-news/penning-down-another-record_1373697047.html Author: Priyanka Narula Limca Book of World Records holder Joygopal Podder, also known as marathon writer, is gearing up for making another record in writing. Joygopal Podder left his corporate job only to take up his passion as writing along with his social work […]