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  • National Record Certificate from LBR

    Friends, it’s been a journey of 5 years and 15 books, but well worth it. This is my National Record Certificate from LBR (received today)…… Joygopal Podder is joygopal.podder on Facebook and writes on www.newdelhi.johntext.de. Contact him on joygopalpodder@yahoo.co.in and read latest news about him and his books on http://marathonauthormasterofcrime.in/

  • Limca Book of Records 2015: An Outstanding Record

    Fourth year in a row : In Limca Book of Records (2015) for Most Books On Crime Fiction In Shortest Time…… https://web.archive.org/web/20150919094840/http://www.limcabookofrecords.in/recordDetail.aspx?rid=604 “Starting with Deceivers (Pustak Mahal / Cedar Books) which was released in September 2010, Joygopal Podder of Gurgaon, Haryana has had 14 crime fiction novels published in 45 months (September 2010 to June […]