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Author Visiting Card

Sharing my Author Visiting Card (back / front) designed and printed by Fingerprint Publishing / Prakash Books. The book (CM’s M) is also now becoming available for purchase. Here’s one purchase avenue: http://www.uread.com Happy Reading!

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The Crime Writers’ Literary Festival In Delhi

Friends: My first media write-up in 2015…… Joygopal Podder is joygopal.podder on Facebook and writes on www.newdelhi.johntext.de. Contact him on joygopalpodder@yahoo.co.in and read latest news about him and his books on http://marathonauthormasterofcrime.in/ http://deceiversbyjoygopalpodder.blogspot.com http://theinheritancebyjoygopalpodder.blogspot.com http://mysteriesaroundus.blogspot.com http://compiledbyjoygopalpodder.blogspot.com http://storiesbyjoygopalpodder.blogspot.com

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Book Link

Received December issue of ‘Book Link’ this evening and saw the cover of my book MOD featured in an article about the forthcoming Crime Writers’ Festival…..

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