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Author: Priyanka Narula

Limca Book of World Records holder Joygopal Podder, also known as marathon writer, is gearing up for making another record in writing.
Joygopal Podder left his corporate job only to take up his passion as writing along with his social work in an NGO. A gold medalist law-graduate from DU has done wonders in this domain. Podder who faced numerous rejections earlier upset all odds and went on to feature in Limca Book of World Records twice for writing five crime fiction novels in nine months in 2012 and writing 10 crime fictions within in 21 months. Now, the 53-year-old author is going to make yet another entry and plans to experiment with various genres now. An avid writer from childhood, Podder also works with NGO called Action Aid and makes people aware of their rights.

Passion for writing
“I am writing since I was 9-years-old. I used to write for school magazines and for many publications. I used to write for Junior Statesman, India Today and other media houses,” shared Podder.
When asked how he thought about writing a full-fleged fiction on crime, he said, “I had gained a lot of confidence. By the time I was 40, I realised that my write-ups in columns and magazines were recognised and appreciated too. So I wanted to give it a shot and started writing a crime-fiction novel.”
On publishing
Although his first book got published in March 2011, he had faced several rejections before this. “There are many unsolicited manuscripts before publishers. So, authors must keep in mind that they should be prepared to face rejections. My manuscripts were rejected too as I was new. But later on one publisher accepted me on the basis of my writing in journals and agreed to publish my book,” explained Podder.
Since then there is no looking back for the author who has written several books like Goddess, Mumbai Dreams, Vanished, Decievers, Beware of the Night, etc.

Marathon experience
“Writing is what I enjoy doing and I am sure I will keep experimenting. So far I have written many crime fiction books and I am working on a humour story too. I will soon write a good genre as I have the privelege to experiment. I make sure that I write at least 1000 words per day. I hope I am able to create another record,” he quips.

Note to aspiring authors
“Writing is the loneliest job in the world. Hence, it is difficult for young to sit alone and write and face rejections. People who are prepared for it must do it passionately,” he shared.
Podder also said that people should not write for money. “Forget money if you are writing. You should write what you feel and continue your passion,” he said.
On being published, Podder also expressed that publishers now do not ask for the whole book to read but for 6-7 chapters only. “If they like those chapters then the book is accepted else not. Publishing is a tough task and a well-marketed book only sells and it goes well with the audience,” he concluded.

Priyanka Narula

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