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Joygopal Podder

An extract from my next murder mystery novel CHIEF MINISTER’S MISTRESS published by Fingerprint Publishing and releasing in May…..

“I hate to see you making such a fool of yourself,” said Dinesh. “I hear you may be out of a job soon.”

Another warning. They were going to put pressure on Digvijay Sandhu to get rid of him. “Don’t worry about it,” said Rajat.

“I’m not losing sleep. But there’s no sense in it. The Boss feels bad about how you’re running around trying to blow-up an open-and-shut case into much more than it is. He knows you feel bad about her death but your assumptions are all wrong.”

“Did he ask you to call me?”

“The thing is, if you’d stop making waves, if you’d just use your head, there wouldn’t be any problem. Try and understand, Rajat, you could come back to work for us. Just like the old days.”

“The old days are dead and buried, Dinesh.”

“You’re going to be dead and buried, my friend, if the police pin the murder charge on you.”

“I don’t think so. I think it’s some other people who ought to be worrying.”

“You’re making trouble,” muttered Dinesh Singh. “And you’re asking for trouble.”

“Have you said all you’ve got to say, Dinesh? If you have, just tell your friend that I’m still digging.”

There was a pregnant pause. The Dinesh said: “You’ve got it all wrong, Rajat. The Boss isn’t worried about this thing. He hardly knows what’s going on in this matter. You’re the one who keeps blowing this thing up.”

Rajat was fed up. “Dinesh, I’m sick of hearing about ‘the Boss’. He may be YOUR boss. He may be YOUR meal ticket. He may be THE CHIEF MINISTER – I know that. But the laws apply to him too, just like the rest of us.”

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Johntext Author Joygopal Podder is a famous crime fiction author from India. He was born in London and living in Gurgaon (just outside New Delhi) in India. He wrote his first book 'Deceivers' at age 50 in 2010. Since then, 15 of his books have been published in 57 months, mostly crime fiction but also one romantic comedy and one non-fiction and one teenage detective fiction.
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