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Limca Book of Records 2016

Limca Book of Records 2016

Carpet of 20,000 flowers

50 volunteers toiled for 5 hours yesterday at the venue of today’s Saraswati Puja in DLF City 1, Gurgaon, to create this 13-foot long and 46-foot wide flower carpet made of 20,000 seasonal flowers (babunas/chamomilla, marigolds, gerberas and dahlias) procured from Azadpur Mandi in Delhi.

The flower carpet in this picture covers 600 square feet and has been inspired by the biennial flower carpet of 600,000 flowers outside the Grand Palace at Brussels.

Flower Carpet New Delhi


National Record for the FIFTH year in a row:

Most books on crime fiction in shortest time (15 in 57 months). My latest release “Chief Minister’s Mistress” from Fingerprint Publishing finds special mention in the record write-up, as does my very first book.

Do ignore the typo/mistake in line 5 (2013 instead of 2015); I have been assured early rectification.

This is the link to the Limca Book of Records website page for my record:

Limca Book of Records 2016

Good words for my latest release (10 positive Reviews)

# “Chief Minister’s Mistress” is readable … having written 16 books in five years, author Joygopal Podder seems to have gotten his formula down pat. – Shantanu David, “The Indian Express”
# Joygopal Podder has definitely written a great page-turner. Right from the first page … the book goes on in the same fast pace and doesn’t let you lose interest. – Abhilash Ruhela Blog / DNA of Books.blogspot / Indiblogger / booksareworld.blogspot

# Rarely does one comes across this kind of combination for book lovers. An author who holds the Limca Book of Records for writing at the fastest pace and a publisher who delivers the best. We expect a crime thriller to have a mind blowing speed and this particular book doesn’t disappoint you on this quarter.

Ratings….Cover : 4/5; Story : 3.5/5; Characterization : 4/5; Writing Style & Narration : 4/5; Presentation : 4/5; Overall : 4/5. – Sandeep Sharma, “The Author’s Blog”

# “Interesting and gripping novel….all the very best”. – Nilima Pathak, Correspondent, ‘Gulf News’ Dubai

# “Chief Minister’s Mistress is a masterpiece murder mystery… I thoroughly enjoyed the political thriller.” – Gunjesh Bond, Author

# Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars

# The author uses straight forward narrative … He uses very simple language throughout the book…The story is interesting. – Vijayta Lalwani,

# Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars

# “The book has a captivating cover and title, which totally suits the story. The characters are well built and not much confusion arises about them. The storyline is gripping, fascinating. The narration of the story is amazing and readers won’t find it difficult to connect with the story.” — Suyash Karangutkar, Suyash’s Corner!!! (Rating: 4/5)

# “Brisk as a bracing breeze”

(Recently released by Fingerprint Publishing / ‘Prakash Books’.  Available at a book shop near you and in all online bookstores. Happy Reading!!)

A Memory of last month:


A memory of last month


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