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Cancer at the Press Club India

– Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can –

Strong tea, had piping hot, is a wonderful drink.
The more you have, the more deeply you think.
And the more you think, the better and more creatively you write.
So authors (and aspiring authors) should drink tea all day and night.

Authors have a special place in their heads where sits an imaginary friend with whom they have tea in the afternoon and with whom they then share plot ideas, character profiles, and conversations they would like to record between people who don’t exist.

Tea Time with Joygopal Podder


When opportunity knocks and then knocks again, don’t complain of noise pollution 🙂
Events today and then:

Press Club India with Joygopal Podder



– This afternoon (December 3rd), at 4.30 pm, is the book launch event of author Joygopal Podder’s new novel

@ Press Club of India, New Delhi

@ Happy Reading

Get it here: Cancer by Joygopal Podder

Cancer by Joygopal Podder


Please do come……tomorrow 🙂

AuthorsPress team and I would be honoured by your presence

Fellow authors will also be launching books at the event

Cancer by Joygopal Podder


Look back: When I shared the front page with an RK 🙂

Joygopal Podder in Gulf News


In a few hours we’ll be entering the month (December) we first met, 27 years ago

@ We were married just three months later 🙂

@ Brief courtship; lifelong partnership

Joygopal and Priti


good times


Joygopal in the past

Lessons learned in thirty years 🙂

# Happiness is free
# If you are not unhappy, you are happy
# Worry is a total waste of time
# A satisfied life is far better than a successful life
@ A lot more to learn in the next thirty years

Joygopal today


The front covers of my last release and my next release. Both these crime thrillers have been published by AuthorsPress

@ My 2016 novels 🙂

Even after 6 years and 18 books, it still feels surreal to see my name on the cover of a new book 🙂

Cancer and The Anniversary Killer


Ships don’t sink because of the water around them;
Ships sink because of the water that gets in them.
Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you
And weigh you down.
@ Embrace Life


Here it is, friends 🙂  The Cover of my new novel 🙂

@ Book Launch on December 3rd at Press Club of India 🙂

My thanks to AuthorsPress and publisher Sudarshan Kcherry for capturing my thoughts so perfectly and for developing such a nice professionally designed product.

Cancer by Joygopal Podder

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