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There are people I admire. For what they do and what they are. One of them is Joygopal Podder. He started writing out of love to his wife who became ill. They needed the money to pay the hospital. Everything which starts out of love is going to be successful.

Today Joygopal Podder is a established writer. The 2015 Fingerprint Publishing Catalogue notes: Joygopal Podder has written 17 books of which 15 are crime fiction novels. He has been listed by Forbes among the top 100 celebrity authors of India. He has been featured five years in a row in the Limca Book of Records as the fastest published crime fiction author of India.

It started with Facebook. I first got into contact with Joygopal Podder because he had a “friendship” on Facebook with my friend John P. Matthew from Mumbai, a poet and blogger. Facebook brings people together – I dare to add: Facebook brings the people together!

You can get all information about Joygopal Podder and his books on Wikipedia.

Who is this author and what is his profession?

Joygopal Podder worked 17 years for different companies as a marketer. He changed to the social sector in 2000 and was last a fund-raising director of a leading NGO fighting against poverty. His successful career allows him to be a full time author and part-time consultant to NGOs. He is a Gold Medalist Law Graduate from Delhi University. He lives near New Delhi, India with his wife and two daughters.

When did he start publishing his books and what is the content?

Joygopal Podder writes light novels. Two of his books were published in 2010 – “Deceivers” and “The Inheritance”.

“Deceivers” is a book containing two thrillers set in the social sector.

“The Inheritance” is a novel set in the corporate sector.

What happened in 2011?

Joygopal’s fourth book MILLENNIUM CITY and third book THE LANDLORD’S SECRET AND OTHER STORIES were released.

His fifth, called HIGH ALERT and sixth, called TRUTH IS GREATER THAN FICTION were released in June / July 2011.

SUPERSTAR, a drama and crime fiction novel set in the Indian film industry, released in December 2011.

What were the highlights in 2012?

MUMBAI DREAMS followed in January 2012.
The World Book Fair in Delhi in end February 2012 saw the release of BEWARE OF THE NIGHT and A MILLION SECONDS TOO LATE .

Joygopal Podder’s 11th book MERCHANTS OF DREAMSreleased in June, 2012.

It went on like that in 2013?

VANISHED and GODDESS both released at the Delhi World Book Fair of February 2013.

I am sure he had a break in 2014?

2014 saw four more books: My Friend’s Unsuitable Fiancee, My Husband, My Lover, My Husband’s Lover, 3 MIXED UP MEN and Dynasty.

That’s really incredible. Other authors write full-time and Joygpopal Podder has a full-time job in an NGO. So writing comes in the second place.

What happened in 2015?

In December 2015 his daughter Panvi married – see photos in the photo section.

The next release was: “Chief Minister’s Mistress published by Fingerprint Publishing. Prime Minister’s Daughter (Political Crime Thriller) also from the stable of Fingerprint Publishing is releasing soon, too.


Well, it is only a question of time till these books full of tension, entertainment and action find their way and will turn to films in Bollywood!

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