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17 June 2017

How music bridges different languages.
Simply Awesome ? Latest music video from The Evening Jammers (Daughters Panvi and Piya, Son-in-law Agransh, and Archit and Kislay)
The Hindi / English jugalbandhi is beyond brilliant. Watch / listen :

17 June 2017
The ‘Join Hands Campaign’ launch in Bangalore @ HelpAge India @ 15 years ago 🙂
This picture clicked on the steps of the auditorium, after the Chief Minister had left. Recognize me?

16 June 2017
Book Review of my latest crime fiction release ‘Cancer’, uploaded by the reviewer a week ago 🙂 ?
@ It is this kind of heart-warming feedback that keeps me going …
Read the review here:

15 June 2017
Joygopal Podder Airport selfie

14 June 2017
Family moment with Joygopal Podder. You cannot prevent relentless time from pushing today into yesterday, but you can certainly freeze timeless moments

13 June 2017
Day visit to Guwahati for a meeting at Assam Government Secretariat, yesterday

13 June 2017
Congratulations Piya for some great singing ?
Can’t wait for the full release – @ Daughter Piya, super-talented part-time singer (and full time corporate executive)

12 June 2017
On the banks of the Brahmaputra River, this morning ?
@ Day visit to Guwahati, today – now back in Gurgaon

@ The river Brahmaputra in Guwahati
(Monsoon rains have hit Assam and the river is in full spate. I was lucky to get this picture before it started to drizzle)

11 June 2017
@ Varca Beach Resort in Goa, June 8, 2011 ?
The last photos clicked before leaving for the airport 🙂
This resort subsequently featured in a couple of my books

11 June 2017
Review of Chief Ministers Mistress by Indranil Mitra 🙂

10 June 2017
Some memories stand out over others 🙂
With my (then) latest release “Chief Minister’s Mistress” in a conference room at Google HQ in Gurgaon

09 June 2017
@ Dilli Haat – Food and Craft Bazar

08 June 2017
Nice 🙂 @ Message from Team Facebook: your friends have liked your posts 143000 times …

Daughters Panvi and Piya, and son-in-law Agransh, and Archit and Kislaya recording their new music video in a farm house in Bhondsi, near Gurgaon

07 June 2017
Daughters Piya and Panvi on the (farm house) set of the forthcoming music video of their group The Evening Jammers (including Agransh, Archit and Kislaya) ?
The song and the singing are unbelievably good (y) The wait would be worth it

06 June 2017
I wonder if today’s youngsters can match this?
First meeting at a dance party, followed by dating, followed by engagement and then marriage ?
A journey of just three months 🙂 @ December 10, 1989 — March 16, 1990

Panvi and me in Saudi Arabia ?
@ Summer of 1995

5 June 2017
Nostalgia ?
I am located in the bottom row, at extreme right

4 June 2017
@ With friends @ A couple of years ago

3 June 2017
Mixed emotions on the face of the father of the bride / Pleasure on the face of the mother of the bride / Glow on the face of the beautiful bride / Happy bridegroom 🙂 ?

@ October 17, 2015

3 June 2017
A great memory of today, June 3 @ Five Years Ago

1 June 2017
Today is a new day with new prospects, new thoughts, new strengths and new opportunities. Yesterday, and the challenges of yesterday, ended last night.

You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow @ one of life’s important lectures …


A bit loosely translated @ The Mahabharata (Lord Krishna to Prince Arjun on the battlefield): “Execute your duties and the fruits will come naturally”

When you look back, you may realize that some of the best roads you have traveled in your life’s journey are the detours you had never, initially, planned to take.

If you want your life story to be remembered with fondness, full of positive aspects and good words, then begin by realizing that you are the author.

31 May 2017
Here is my article in today’s Hindustan Times. The icing in the cake has been daughter Panvi ‘s quote added right below the print version of my opinion piece.

Daughter Piya and Kislaya (both are members of the well known music group ‘The Evening Jammers’) quoted in today’s ‘Hindustan Times’

@ Great to see first thing in the morning

30 May 2017
This announcement has appeared in today’s Hindustan Times ? @ Watch out for my article tomorrow …

30 May 2017
The nine steps to becoming a great novelist

28 May 2017
Definition Consumerism: Buying things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people that don’t matter.

Trust: Trust is like an eraser; it gets smaller and smaller after every mistake.

28 May 2017
@ Bollywood Mania – Four of my Crime Fiction Novels are grounded in the Mumbai Film Industry

28 May 2017

27 May 2017
My first book ‘Deceivers’ was conceived here, in the Austrian Alps, between April 28 – 30, 2010. It was written at home in Gurgaon between May 1 – 26, 2010. So I have just now lived thru’ an anniversary month ?

26 May 2017
It took some time and effort to get that perfect shot @ 12.15 – 12.25 am on May 26 @ Piya’s 21st birthday​.

Piya @ 21 years 🙂 Happy birthday!

26 May 2017
Fitness is like Marriage; you can’t cheat on it and expect it to work.

25 May 2017
The family @ Daughter Panvi’s engagement event ? @ India Habitat Centre, New Delhi; February 2014

23 May 2017
Enjoyed the interview, and liked the write-up. Thanks!

23 May 2017
@ With daughter, son-in-law​ and wife ? @ At peace

22 May 2017
The organization I work for @ Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) 🙂
Best Campaign Award @ Global Awards 2017 in London on May 11 @ Immunization Campaign together with Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

22 May 2017
Delightful memory @ Google office in Gurgaon; Session @ Storytelling as a marketing tool

21 May 2017
Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but want to check personally when you say the paint is wet?

21 May 2017
Sunday musings
# Your wisdom will prevent you from getting into situations in which you will need to use a lot of wisdom to get out of
# It is okay to visit your past; just don’t bring any baggage of negativity back with you
# Don’t ask God to guide your footsteps if you’re not willing to move your feet

20 May 2017
Clicked by four-and-a-half-year-old Panvi in the port city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia in the summer of 1995 ? I was working with Cadbury’s and had come home for lunch during the afternoon break

20 May 2017
Have survived five decades of THIS 🙂 Road Safety in India

20 May 2017
I am overwhelmed and humbled by the tsunami of good wishes I have received for my birthday, my long life, my writing career and success at work. I have responded to many friends, with heartfelt thanks, but innumerable friends are yet to be personally thanked, which I promise to do in the next days. But this post is also a collective and emotional “Thank You” to all my birthday wishers. I am now, in my 57th year, and convinced that I have done something right in my life to have gained the love and good wishes of so many hundreds of sincere friends. I feel really blessed

19 May 2017
@ A truly unique birthday gift ?

@ 6 years ago, today 🙂

@ The very first newspaper article about my writing career

@ Yes, it was actually published on my birthday

18 May 2017
@ Family celebrates two birthdays ? Archit ‘s and mine

16 May 2017

16 May 2017
For authors like me they should invent a treadmill
– with a laptop built in
– and unless you were walking, MS Office and the internet wouldn’t work
– and like if you wanted to download something you had to run
– and the faster you ran, the faster it would download
– I would lose so much weight …

14 May 2017
Mother’s Day Tribute ? My writing journey began at age seven in London. My mother loved taking me to public libraries and immersing me in story books. So my love for the written word was born very early in life. She soon encouraged me to pen tiny stories in note books, which she would keep casually lying around on the living room coffee table, for visitors to read. So my love for an audience was also born very early on in life 🙂
The family came to India when I was eight and settled down in Delhi. My mother got me a subscription to Children’s World magazine. It took me about four years. But I finally got a short story published in CW at age 12. The feeling of seeing your name in print, below a story written by you, at that tender age, in a magazine with a wide circulation, is indescribable.
My mother guided and influenced my life and career in a non-intrusive and quiet manner, but with a firm hand when needed, and with great love, despite many health issues and hardships (she even bought me a cycle I greatly desired, with savings from vegetable shopping :). I am lucky and blessed I was able to serve my mother, Pushpa Lata Podder, and look after her throughout my adulthood and till her last breath.

14 May 2017
January, 2008. Priti’s blood was poisoned. Septicemia appeared irreversible. While she was being wheeled on a stretcher early morning at Private Hospital in Gurgaon to the ambulance which would transport her to Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in Delhi, where a team of specialists would try save her life, Priti saw her young daughters. Her only concern: “Have you eaten?” @ Happy Mother’s Day

14 May 2017
Become an author only if you feel an urgent need to tell a certain story in a particular way 🙂
Link to the entire interview published on May 12:
Interview with Joygopal Podder

12 May 2017
The Three Rs: @ Relax 🙂 Recharge 🙂 Revitalize

11 May 2017
@ Completed one exciting year

@ Head – Resource Mobilization & Partnerships

10 May 2017
Just received Certificate testifying my National Record published in the Limca Book of Records, edition 2017 ? I beat my own record of 2016 🙂 Proud to hold this National Record for six years in a row: Author of the most books on crime fiction in the shortest time ? Yes, life begins at 50

9 May 2017
Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints

A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. Many people have a work station 🙂 .

Definition of Astrology 🙂
Millions of planets and stars have spent billions of years lining themselves up just to let her know that she’ll “meet someone with nice eyes today.”

When your only tool is a hammer, all problems start looking like nails.

You can protect yourself with a fence, or you can protect yourself with friends.

7 May 2017
August, 2010 : The auspicious and symbolically loaded first sale of my first book. There have been 17 more books since….and 6 National Records and a Forbes listing as Celebrity Author 🙂

@ “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King
Photo credit : elder daughter Panvi

7 May 2017
The Three Stages in the Life of an Author ?
# Birth
# Dear Publisher, when will I be getting my overdue Royalty Payment? 🙁 🙁
# Death

30 April 2017
Elder sister wants her to become a model, but daughter Piya is content to become a singer/composer like her sister (which she is) and a business development professional like her Dad, which she will become on June 1. She is also becoming a great cook like her mother. Anyway, here is Piya at her college (Kamala Nehru) farewell, where she was awarded ‘Miss Dynamic’

30 April 2017

Can never get tired of such photographs 🙂
@ Three of my books ‘A Million Seconds Too Late‘, ‘Goddess‘ and ‘Deceivers‘ displayed for the reading pleasure of patrons at ‘Coffee & Chai Co.’ at South Point Mall, where the family had Sunday lunch ?
(Credit for pictures : daughter Piya)

29 April 2017

@ My doctor explaining​ to me, this evening, why I will suffer more health issues than my father 🙂
“We pride ourselves on the fact that human lifespans are expanding. But, when you live long, it is your old age that gets longer. Your youth and middle-age do not get stretched.”

Dependency on health books is dangerous; you may die from a misprint 🙂

You are in great shape for this life if you do not let success go to your head and do not let failure go to your heart 🙂

Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian 🙂

GOD : “As you grow old, you must learn to accept and live with a variety of age-related diseases. But I like you, Joygopal, so I’ll give you a choice. Which would you prefer as the lesser evil: Parkinson’s Disease (shaking hands) or Alzheimer’s (loss of memory)?”
JOYGOPAL : “I’d rather spill half the glass of whiskey than forget where the bottles are kept!”

Always speak well of your enemies. After all, you made them …

Sarcasm is like electricity; half the population doesn’t get it …

Men are like mascara; they usually run at the first sign of emotion 🙂

When anybody asks me what are the 50 things I want to do before I die, I can only think of one: shout for help 🙂

Hearts are wild creatures; that’s why our ribs are cages …

Evening news is where they begin with ‘Good evening’, and then proceed to tell you why it isn’t …

25 April 2017
My nephew Sahir Mehta is an actor. He has shifted from the Delhi stage (and also Prithvi Theater, Mumbai) to the world of Bollywood. This video, where he plays a character called Sohail, showcases Sahir’s talent. Enjoy 🙂

30 December 2016
Why do I love 2016 so much?
(1) Release of my novel ‘Cancer’
(2) Release of my novel ‘The Anniversary Killer’
(3) Featuring in the 2016 edition of the Limca Book of Records as The Fastest Published Crime Fiction Author of India (for 5th year in a row)
(4) Joining Public Health Foundation of India
(5) Being featured in all Delhi/NCR editions of The Hindustan Times.

29 December 2016

Common Man vs. Digital India

On Dec. 16, wife Priti, after her Dialysis procedure, stood in the queue of the hospital ATM and withdrew Rs. 2,000/-. But she got 2 sms’s mentioning 2 withdrawals of this same amount, and our account was debited Rs. 4,000/-. Next day, on our request, our bank sent a complaint to the bank running that ATM, who took 10 days to reject our claim, even though ATMs are programmed by law (and PM/FM diktat) to hand out only maximum Rs.2,000/- per card per day.
Yesterday I wrote a strong mail (titled: Small amount/big problem) to the CMDs of both banks, with copy to PM’s office and also to a direct mail address of the PM I was able to locate on the internet. I attached photos of bank statement and sms’s showing double deduction.
Both banks responded to me, and today the excess deduction has been credited back to my account.
28 December 2016
A fan has sent me this : “I have devoted these lines to you, dear sir : ‘You ask me why I spend my life writing? Do I find entertainment? Is it worthwhile? Above all, does it pay? If not, then, is there a special reason?…. I write only because, to repeat the famous quote, there is a voice within me that will not be still.’ ”

27 December 2016
One of my life’s proudest moments (unfortunately, my father had passed away a couple of months before this convocation ceremony); but his blessings were with me

Golden memory : Receiving Law Degree Certificate and Gold Medal from the Vice President of India.

19 December 2016

19 December 2016
Your parents will never treat you like a responsible adult. Your parents will always be anxious about you, always protective, always worried about your choices. They have seen you at your most vulnerable; they have picked you up when you’ve fallen – so many times that you’ve lost count, and so have they. Your parents care about you too much to treat you like an adult; live with it 🙂

Believe the newspapers. Delhi is not safe for girls – or their dads. And never was. Flashback to 2008, end February. My wife was in Apollo, Delhi, ICU with blood poisoning. She was not responding to any treatment. My daughters and I left the hospital with heavy hearts at 11.30 pm or so to return home (in Gurgaon) – my sister and brother-in-law were camping in the hospital for the night and my aged mother was alone in our house. Our Scorpio met with a sudden tire puncture on the flyover in front of Panchscheel Club and it took me a half-minute to realise this, cruise to a halt and park to a side, at the bottom of the flyover. As we stepped out and inspected the flat tire…..several young men started gathering around us, at a distance and with no attempt to come to our help. They just stood and stared. Their numbers grew to about seven or eight – perhaps more. My two daughters were in their teens and it was clear to me that neither I nor my Scorpio were the centre of attraction for these rough looking young men. I am no SRK or Salman Khan or Akshay Kumar and my heart sank to my boots at the thought of a possible confrontation. Then I spotted a taxi stand in the distance and quickly walked over to it with my daughters close behind me. A few men were asleep on charpais and under blankets. Risking all (was I stepping from the frying pan into the fire?) I shook one of the slumbering men awake. He turned out to be a sardarji who took some time to wake up – but when he did, he quickly understood the complete situation and took charge. He offered to change the tire and got to work. Slowly the young men standing nearby disappeared, one by one. Fifteen minutes or so later, my Scorpio was in driving condition again and we finally felt safe. Our saviour refused to take money from me, but I insisted. I don’t remember how much I paid him – perhaps Rs. 100/- – but no amount of money or gratitude can be enough to compensate for the unimaginable terror this good samaritan perhaps saved us from with his timely action and by his very presence by our side. God was looking over us that night 🙂

18 December 2016
@ Leisurely Lunch – With family in Cyber Hub

When one of your daughters is treating (in this case, Panvi), ‘healthy eating’ promises fly out of the window 🙂 🙂
@ Lunch at Cyber Hub this afternoon

Couple out on a Saturday afternoon date 🙂

16 December 2016
Negative people and difficult situations are powerless unless they are able to upset you. Why give them the power?

9 December 2016
Tomorrow……..December 10. My wife calls this day our ‘meeting anniversary’. We first met (at a party) on the evening of December 10, 1989. We were married after just 3 months of courtship 🙂 Still bonding after 27 years 🙂

08 December 2016
End-of-year wrap-up on my book releases 🙂
Daughter Piya and me posing with my two books published by AuthorsPress in 2016 🙂
Thank you, Kislaya for the lovely click with your new phone.
Happy Reading, Friends

04 December 2016
Thank you very much, my fans and well wishers who update my Wikipedia biography page so diligently, for adding my last three releases to the list of books I have authored, including ‘Cancer’ just launched yesterday 🙂

04 December 2016
When you find the path which you know will take you to the destination you are seeking, don’t just stand there staring at it……..walk it.
As always, my family was by my side in my moment of glory:

03 December 2016
Giving a Preview of my new novel ‘Cancer’ at the book launch by AuthorsPress this evening in the Press Club of India, New Delhi.
Happy Reading!
It is my 18th book. ? ? ? 🙂
@ My 16th crime fiction novel 🙂
@ My first medical thriller

02 December 2016
(October) 2016……2015 🙂

01 December 2016
One of the eight books AuthorsPress will be launching that evening.
You are cordially invited 🙂

30 November 2016
In a few hours we’ll be entering the month (December) we first met, 27 years ago 🙂

@ We were married just three months later 🙂

@ Brief courtship; lifelong partnership 🙂

29 November 2016

Lessons learned in thirty years 🙂
# Happiness is free
# If you are not unhappy, you are happy
# Worry is a total waste of time
# A satisfied life is far better than a successful life
@ A lot more to learn in the next thirty years 🙂

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