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How happiness and success complement each other perfectly


Joygopal Podder – How happiness and success complement each other perfectly

The libraries of the world are full with books of success stories. But oftentimes we learn: Happiness and success do not come together in the life of a busy man.

Here you see the opposite. It is possible to be happy and successful at the same time. The love and the support of your wife and children combined with a strong will, talent and hard work will lead you where you aimed to go.

Photo of Panvi, Priti and Joygopal Podder at a restaurantPanvi, Priti and me at Piya’s recent musical gig … .

Photo of Piya Podder performing on stage at a musical gig

Memorable : March 16, 1990 : Priti and me signing the marriage documents and the marriage register in the Magistrate’s office at Tees Hazari Courts complex in New Delhi. We became husband and wife a minute later….

Photo of Priti and Joygopal Podder signing marriage documents

This is the Pagdi which the father of the bride will be wearing on October 17……

Photo of Joygopal Podder with Pagdi


Limca Book of Records

Confirmed to receive another certificate from the Limca Book of Records next year also … for the fifth consecutive year. Thank you family and friends for the unstinting support and cheering.

Photo of Limca Books of Records Certificate 2014

Interview in ‘Spectral Hues’

Spectral Hues

vis-à-vis with author Joygopal Podder

Incredibly successful crime thriller author, Joygopal Podder talks to Spectralhues about his writing, his life as an author, his latest novel, ‘The Chief Minister’s Mistress’, his love for paperbacks instead of e-books and being India’s Marathon Author.

The author to write the most books in the shortest period of time: Joygopal Podder. You featured four times in the Limca Book of Records. What brought on this venture into the world of creativity?

Yes, I have featured for four consecutive years in the Limca Book of Records, and I will feature again in the 2016 edition. I hold the National Record for the most number of crime fiction novels published in the fastest time (14 books in 45 months). This record is featured in the 2015 edition of the Limca Book of Records. Earlier, in the 2012 edition, my record was 5 books in 9 months and in the 2013 edition, my record was 10 crime fiction novels in 21 months. I appeared in the 2014 edition also with 13 crime fiction books in 29 months. So, even my continuous appearance in the Limca Book of Records is becoming something of a record! I am really blessed!

Read more on the Spectral Hues:


In Summary:

Editing and production work has started, at Prakash Books / Fingerprint Publishing, on my next political crime thriller, “Prime Minister’s Daughter“.

The Fingerprint sales teams are taking second round orders from bookstores across the country for “Chief Minister’s Mistress”, since most book shops have run out of stocks.

Limca Book of Records team have confirmed that my record entry (fastest published crime fiction author) will appear in the 2016 edition also (for the 5th consecutive year).

A new professional assignment is about to begin (my sabbatical is over) … and elder daughter Panvi gets married in two weeks. This month could not have begun on a better note!

Screenshot of Success is not a destination but a journey of remarkable milestones

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