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Chief Ministers Mistress

Chief Ministers Mistress

AN EXTRACT FROM MY NEW BOOK Chief Ministers Mistress: When Detective Inspector Badrish Sharma uncovered the body, the man cried out and fell to his knees. He reached out and touched the woman’s face, then gasped at the chill of her skin, at the reality of death. He knelt beside her, pale, tears welling in his eyes, whispering something that might have been her name.

Badrish Sharma watched it all professionally. He had watched such scenes a thousand times. He had seen hysteria, laughter, fainting, shock, anger, fear, heart attacks, and, occasionally, the little signs – too much emotion or too little, nervousness, ill-concealed delight – by which killers sometimes gave themselves away. This man Rajat Verma’s grief seemed real enough. Which meant absolutely nothing.

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