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Chief Minister’s Mistress

Chief Minister’s Mistress

Chief Minister Ravindra Pratap Singh waited for his wife Sunita’s counter. Sunita didn’t bluff. Sunita waited until she had you cold, then she let you have it, right between the eyes.
“Ravindra,” she said grimly, “I have information that a certain young woman has re-appeared in this city – “
“Damn it, Sunita!”
“ – who supposedly had left this city for good – “
“Do you really think – “
“ – and if you see her, if you speak to her, if you so much as utter her name in my presence….”
He slumped down in his chair.
“….I will pack my bags and leave!”
Ravindra Pratap leaned back in his chair, studied the ceiling, then sighed inwardly. His face remained inscrutable. For a moment he thought he heard the silence broken by the “Hang the rapists now!” chant from the protesters outside the CM’s residence, but he guessed it was only his imagination, for his home office was soundproof. But not wifeproof.
“Don’t threaten me, Sunita,” he said smoothly, once again putting to test his favorite strategy of going on the offensive when cornered.
“It’s not a threat, it’s a fact.”
“You’d be insane to leave. You went through a lot to get here.”
“Perhaps that was the insanity, Ravindra. The fact is that if I left, my life would improve in every way that matters, whereas your life, insofar as politics is your life, which it is and always will be, would become rather difficult. Think about that, Ravindra, and perhaps you’ll make your plans for this evening rather carefully.”
She smiled and left the office room. Ravindra Pratap sat frowning at his desk and pondered his next move. She had him by the throat – he knew it and she knew it too. She could destroy him, just by walking out and filing for divorce, and he wouldn’t put it past her, not for a minute. Yet he found himself smiling, savoring the challenge. Somehow, he thought, he could control the situation, could get what he wanted, as he always had. The immediate problem, he decided, was not Sunita, who had said her piece, but Priyanka, his mistress, who was waiting to say hers. You always let people talk. Friend or foe, you gave them their say. Ravindra Pratap grinned at the madness of it all, and reached for the phone.

(Published by Fingerprint Publishing / Prakash Books and available on Amazon and uRead, among others)

Chief Ministers Mistress

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