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  • Joygopal Podder – Half A Year in Life

    Joygopal Podder My name is Joygopal Podder – nice to meet you here my friends Have a look at the cornerstones of Joygopal Podder’s life? Happiness – Great Family – Authors Life – Satisfaction – Hard Work – Aims (Wonder about the different size of the headlines? Well Google likes h1 to h6 headlines for […]

  • Cancer at the Press Club India

    – Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can – Strong tea, had piping hot, is a wonderful drink. The more you have, the more deeply you think. And the more you think, the better and more creatively you write. So authors (and aspiring authors) […]

  • Crime Thrillers

    Two of my crime thrillers with protagonists, locations and situations all embedded in the Indian Film Industry. Joygopal Podder is joygopal.podder on Facebook and writes on Contact him on and read latest news about him and his books on

  • Next Steps

    Next steps : TWO Crime Fiction Thrillers releasing in 2015, both by Fingerprint Publishing (imprint of Prakash Books) : THE CHIEF MINISTER’S MISTRESS (releasing in May 2015), and THE PRIME MINISTER’S DAUGHTER (releasing in August 2015). What next? A Medical Thriller (half written) and a Children’s Story in a CBSE school text book being published […]

  • My Latest Releases

    “3 MIXED UP MEN” is a light-hearted look at how men bond and how men think, their take on love, and how they behave and misbehave. This is my first romantic fiction and humour novel. “DYNASTY” is a crime thriller. A hotel tycoon and several members of his family are stalked, attacked and warned, but […]